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10 Funny Webcomics for When You’re Bored

By Chris Cameron Brown

So you’re looking for some new webcomics to keep you entertained? You might have already heard of the usual ones: xkcd, Cyanide & Happiness, and so on (if not you’re making progress already!) but something different and fresh wouldn’t do any harm, right?

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How to Start a Webcomic – Basic Steps and Tools

By Jonathan Moo 

Webcomics are getting popular for self-publishing manga or comic artists to showcase their talents. That is because self-publishing physical comic books has a high overhead start up cost, which may total up to thousands of dollars, while starting a webcomic can be as little as zero cost to a few hundreds of dollars.

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Webcomics Can Cheer You Up

By Mis Tic

With the ever increasing use of the internet, the traditional comic books we used to read as kids is fast getting obsolete. Welcome to the world of webcomics. They are out there is huge numbers, but which among them is actually the best webcomic?

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The Sometimes Tiresome Feelings of Producing a Webcomic

By Jeffrey Cheng 

Up till now I have been talking a lot about the hard line technical aspects of producing a webcomic. But I am going to shift gears here and share my feelings regarding the softer psycho social aspects of what I go through as an artist struggling with a start up web comic.  Future posts will now more focused on this aspect with intermittent dabbling on technical stuff as I develop my craft more or as per reader request.

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How to Create a Webcomic

By Pete Trbovich

The Internet revolutionized many media forms, and one of those is the comic strip medium. It was about time, too! The comics printed in the newspapers, many of them over 50 years old, have mostly become stale franchises drawn by a team of hacks after the original artist passed away. The World Wide Web introduced us to a fresh, exciting world of talent. It poured new life into what was almost a dead medium. Adding a comic strip to your website can provide any number of benefits. It can keep you in touch with a younger audience, attract traffic and ad revenue, serve as a platform for airing your own point of view, and in some cases provide extra income through the sale of books, T-shirts, and other branded gear. Here’s some tips to get one started:

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Who Says Comics Are Just For Kids

By Gerald Gore

To state that the internet has changed the way that we live is an understatement. The way that we check the latest movies listings, catch up on current events and buy and sell goods has drastically changed over the last decade. We now live in a world where anyone can get their product or message out to the masses with ease. No longer are the voices of the media giants and large corporations the only voices that are heard. In today’s world even the little guy has an equal opportunity to promote and deliver goods and services.

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Comic Strips and Their Vast Popularity!

By Dave Gieber

Comic strips are almost as popular as comic books in some
circles. So I would be remiss if I didn’t compile an
article about them. Strips have ended up in a multitude of
newspapers and other media all over the world. Most people
who read the Sunday paper can’t pass up the comic section.
I know I sure can’t.

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How To Make Money With Your Free Webcomics

By Marv H

According to a list compiled on Wikipedia, there are at least 40 self-sufficient webcomics that are “known to produce the primary income of their artists and/or writers.”

When you take into consideration the fact that there are probably tens-of-thousands of online comics out there, that figure might leave you a little disheartened. (Way back in January 2007, there were an estimated 38,000 webcomics being published and you can be sure that that number has skyrocketed since then.)

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Circle Versus Square Wins 2008 Webcomic Readers Choice Awards For Writing

By Adam Zuckerman

A panel of respected judges selected Circle Versus Square by Michael Wakcher to be the winner of the 2008 Webcomic Readers Choice Awards in Writing. Circle Versus Square finished third across the categories of Best Antagonist for the character Pentagon, Best Supporting Character for the character Rectangle, and Best New Comic.

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Why Some Webcomics (and Some Web Businesses) Are Successful

By Mark Hansen 

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m still a child, and I still love the funnies! I have the good ones all over my wall here in my office, and in my studio at home. I get my news bits from Doonesbury. I went into mourning when Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson called it quits.

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Create Your Own Webcomic

By Daniel Punch

Syndicated comic authors have been complaining about newspaper size restrictions, content censoring and similar issues for a long time. Comic enthusiasts have been increasingly irritated by the treatment their entertainment medium receives as well. Then along came the Internet, providing unlimited and unrestricted distribution possibilities. Thus the webcomic was born.

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