10 Funny Webcomics for When You’re Bored

By Chris Cameron Brown

So you’re looking for some new webcomics to keep you entertained? You might have already heard of the usual ones: xkcd, Cyanide & Happiness, and so on (if not you’re making progress already!) but something different and fresh wouldn’t do any harm, right?

Here’s 10 to get you started:

  1. Optipess (.com) – This is one of my personal favourites – I’m surprised at how few people know about it too. The comics are heavily picture-based as opposed to using a lot of speech, which always makes for a more casual, natural read.
  2. Antics (anticscomic.com) – The non-conventional artistic style holds some of this comic’s humour in itself. The majority, however, is formed through the quirky random nature of the comics.
  3. Perry Bible Fellowship (pbfcomics.com) – This comic is appreciated all round for its simplicity and bluntness. Better known than some of the others here, but for good reason, it’s cleverly original.
  4. Hark, A Vagrant! (harkavagrant.com) – Here’s one with quite an alternative style. Not only is it styled in an old-fashioned manner, but the comics are unlike any other – in a good way though, the comic has had it’s fair share of good press.
  5. Buni (bunicomic.com) – These comics follow the story of a blissfully ignorant rabbit who has the worst luck, but always takes spontaneous happiness out of the worst situations. Like many good comics, this one doesn’t rely on speech – doesn’t need it to walk the jokes through.
  6. Undeclared Major (undeclaredcomics.com) – Aimed (not exclusively) at students, this comic focusses on school related troubles and situations – made relatable through the funny representation of common school happenings.
  7. A Softer World (.com) – A comic style you’re least likely to come across – the use of real-world pictures as background for thoughtful caption comments, taking a refreshingly positive outlook to brighten your day.
  8. Loading Artist (.com) – Probably the most recognized among this list, it’s popularity reflecting the quality. These comics have a simple but professional style to them and their humour seems to be all-round appealing.
  9. For Lack of a Better Comic (.com) – Unlike the title suggest, this itself is actually a very good comic, focussing on the mis-adventures of day-to-day life and representing them in a humorous form.
  10. Space Avalanche (.com) – A personal favourite of mine. Although it isn’t updated often, when it is, it’s definitely worth checking out. The very picture-story style can be hard to get into at first, but after a few comics you’ll appreciate it.

Since I’m feeling generous, make that 11: Basic Instructions (.com) is a satirical guide on how to perform day-to-day mannerisms.

That’s just a taster of some of the great webcomics lurking in the internet. But naturally, you’ll want more – but they’re not too easy to find, or maybe they weren’t “undiscovered” enough for you?

Here’s hoping you found a good few new comics to add to your regulars!

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