Al is a wisecracking, overworked employee of Intergalactic Unlimited who has a secret crush on Flo.


Who would pick a name like Booger? Apparently this intergalactic postal delivery spud.


Born the son of an accountant, Boots has spent most of his adult life playing it safe. He met Pup while attending the Spacehip Academy.

Buddy The Crud

Buddy is the former first mate of Sniffles during his pirates years. With a gold claw and nerves of steel he is a close contender for the number one position if something were to happen to the captain!


CHARL-E is an experimental rocket ship with advanced artificial intelligence. He is the top secret property of Intergalactic Unlimited.

Drek Dreymore

Mysterious space overlord Drek Dreymore scours the cosmos for the priceless Amulet of Sum-Tin.


Sassy and smart assistant to the Boss, Flo always tells it as it is. She has no patience in her life for office drama.


George the gator spends his days hanging out and going on blind dates.


IO & PI are bird friends of Boots who share quiet mornings with him before the start of his hectic day.


Leroy is an unassuming worm who happens to reside under Pup’s hat.

Mom & Pop

Boots’ parents were voted most likely to “play it safe”. They built a very stable and loving household, one where young Boots could grow up living in the shadow of his older, successful brother, Randall.


Musty is an unsavory, strait-talking second mate of Sniffles’ Pirate Crew.


Orphaned and cared for by kindly circus hoboes, Pup grew up taking risks. One was helping Boots out of an interesting situation he got into at the Spaceship Academy.


Rob is a smug, self-absorbed robot who works in the Annoying Robots Division of Intergalactic Unlimited.


The vile henchmen of Drek Dreymore! Sleesharks chomp and gnash their teeth as they descend upon unsuspecting victims.


Little is known about this fish with eyelids. Some stories place him as a great air pirate while other tales tell of an experiment gone wrong! Rest assured whatever his origin, he plays a part in many of Pup’s schemes.


Stumbles is a pirate enigma! With his one peg leg, he fires the cannons on Sniffles’ airship, The Morning’s Dawn.

The Boss

Supreme leader of Intergalactic Unlimited, he spends his days building a vast widget empire.

The Sneak

Secret henchman and spy - not much is known about this mysterious life form.

Unca Crusty

King of the hoboes and Pup’s adopted uncle. He raised Pup from a baby on the planet Hoboworld. His wisdom has kept Pup on the right track, teaching him the ways of the galactic hobo!