What’s The Skinny?

Set against a backdrop of intergalactic worlds and strange creatures, Boots and Pup chronicles the lives of an extraterrestrial odd couple. Out of balance in their personal lives, Boots and Pup manage to keep a steady but erratic orbit around each other!

Meet Boots And Pup

Boots is a “play-it-safe” blue guy who tries to maintain his peace of mind while managing his green best friend, Pup. Pup’s moral compass spins freely and puts the duo into challenging situations daily!

Inspired By Laziness

From day-to-day hi-jinx to workplace shenanigans and far-fetched schemes, Boots and Pup plot a hilarious course through life with plenty of unintentional stops.

The Unusual Gang Of Nuts

With an eclectic cast of supporting characters, from an off-kilter purple fish to an amulet obsessed worm and a group of myopic cyclopes co-workers – the adventure often culminate into a mad-dash for Boots to keep as much of his sanity as possible!

The extended cast of Boots and Pup. Visit the characters page to read more about the wacky cast!

The Beat Goes On…

With the adventures of Boots and Pup running from 2005 to 2006, I brought this comedy duo back to life in 2014 with their first graphic novel, Inspired Laziness. There are four books available that continue the tales of Boots and Pup, most recently 2018’s Boots and Pup: Toastbusters.

To Humble Brag or Not?

The comic book and nerd-culture website, Bleeding Cool, named Boots and Pup one of the best Indie comic titles of 2014.

What People Are Saying About Boots and Pup?

“Colorful, simply drawn, and kid-friendly yet witty enough for older readers to appreciate.” – cbr.com
“If you love all things adorable as much as I do, I highly recommend taking a chance on this series!” – Fanboy Comics
“John constructs “a world that is – at the same time – easy to engage for younger readers while also captivating and entertaining for adults.” – Fanboy Comics
“A galaxy hopping tale that combines hidden gems of hilarity for adult readers to enjoy with action-packed, silly goodness with which younger readers will easily connect and adore.” – Fanboy Comics
“A hilariously fun Lord of the Rings adventure.” – Fanboy Comics
“Timeless comedy of this relationship shines brightly.” – Bleeding Cool
“Boots and Pup are “a fun and engaging duo suitable for all-ages.” and a “Great gateway series for families.” – Bleeding Cool
“John’s digital artwork shines as the duo explores outer space, unemployment, alien worlds, villainous crabs and everything in-between” and a “Great gateway series for families. Named one of the 15 Best Indie Comics of 2014” – Bleeding Cool
“I can say with absolute certainty; if there’s a young could-be comic reader in your life and you put this book in front of them, you stand a very good chance of kickstarting a lifelong habit. And really – there isn’t much higher praise I can give than that.” – Comicverse
“This is a great kids webcomic.” – Comic Crusaders
“It all comes together in a great cliffhanger as all great comics do.” – Canned Air Podcast
“This comic is running it’s ship like a Saturday morning cartoon…” – Quimby’s Book Store
“Both kids and adults are drawn in by the characters and colors of Boots and Pup. Their reaction is immediate. I’ve watched it happen time and again at comic conventions” – Jennie Wood – Author of Flutter & A Boy Like Me
“Boots and Pup will make you re-think life as you know it.” – Dana Snyder – Voice of Master Shake, Aqua Teen Hunger Force