Boots and Pup

Find out how Boots and Pup began! This collection their contains first adventures – from pirates and stolen treasure maps to finding and losing their first job!

40 Pages – Full Color. $13.00

Good Ol’
Boots and Pup

Boots has a problem; his name is Pup. Follow these two funny aliens in their comic strip adventures as they adopt a worm, find a job and do a horrible job mowing the lawn!

74 Pages – B&W $6.99

Boots and Pup:
Inspired Laziness

When a strange amulet comes into Boots and Pup’s possession, a wild series of events unfold! An epic struggle between a very flamboyant galactic overlord and an obsessed pet worm awakens part of Pup’s forgotten past!

172 Pages – B&W $10.00

Boots and Pup:

When Pup stumbles across a toaster that predicts the future, Boots depends on the forbidden knowledge the toast reveals. Can Pup and Sniffles rescue Boots from “becoming toast” at work in this easy reader, young adult novel?

112 Pages – B&W $6.00